In the latest episode of 'Lock-Up', host Kangana Ranaut was seen scolding contestant Payal Rohatgi. At the same time, Payal also told Kangana fiercely and even said that she cannot shut her mouth. Actually, Payal had accused Kangana of favoring a contestant. In the last episode, Karanvir Bohra got a chance to spend time with his wife TJ and their daughters on the occasion of Holi. Payal has complained to Kangana about this.

Payal Rohatgi narrated to Kangana Ranaut, said- you can't shut my mouth
Payal Rohatgi narrated to Kangana Ranaut, said- you can't shut my mouth

Payal said you can't shut my mouth

Kangana told Payal, "Payal, you who walk around with such a flag 'I am the leader, only I will speak' all these things should not be done by a leader."

Payal replied, "You can't make my mouth shut, Kangana, Karanvir has done 'Naagin' show with Ekta Kapoor, isn't it? Okay now I get it. What should I do? I try. I'm over here." I have gone out of the way to make everyone comfortable. Now I can't break my mental balance for the team."

Payal will defend herself in the show

As soon as Payal started explaining what a leader meant to her, Kangana stopped her midway and scolded her saying, "Don't you tell me your thoughts... understand? You can't tell me the meaning of a leader."

Payal further lashed out at Kangana saying, "Kangana is your voice sur voice and my voice is sad voice. If anyone comes and rings the bell, I will not like it. I have not come here to fight with you, Kangana Ranaut, but I I will definitely defend myself here."

Kangna scolded Payal

After listening to Payal's words, Kangana also slammed her and said, "What do you think, this is not your show? Like you carry a flag that I am the leader, I am the leader. Only I will speak, the real one." A leader in me does not and should not do this."